Happiness Beta

Sound Installation, 2010
(glass rods, motor and sensor technology)

In this reactive sound installation, noises from the artist's immediate surroundings are transformed into chime-like sounds. These sounds set a matrix of glass rods in motion, causing them to resonate.

The world is made up of many different sounds.
Emotions arise from sounds: Language, music, communication.
Sounds generate emotions.
If there were no sounds, the world would not function.
No sounds, no world.

For me, noise is the residue of sounds – a dissonance of tones.
Oversaturated sounds can transform into confusing noises, which induce stress.

That’s why I’m in search of pleasant sounds.
I would like to preserve a state of happiness in them.
Glass is a medium that, through its frequencies, can generate gentle sounds.
The glass rods are installed like wind chimes, only it is not the wind but rather
everyday noises that set them in motion and cause them to resonate.

The installation functions as an equaliser.
Negative states are neutralised by pleasant sounds.
We tune in to happiness.